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Getting locked out of your car, breaking the key or accidentally leaving the keys in the house can happen to anyone, but immediate help is available at 24 Hour Locksmith Hollywood FL.

The technicians at 24 Hour Locksmith Hollywood FL will retrieve your keys from inside of your locked car or trunk without any damage caused. If you have lost or broken your keys, we can replace them in only a few minutes at the site of your car with our highly responsive auto locksmith service.

Most modern car keys now require a coded transponder chip that is recognized by the car when the key is inserted into the ignition switch lock cylinder. If you lose the key or damage the transponder chip, the chip must be replaced as well. Our auto locksmith experts are able to replace the transponder chip keys for most major car manufacturers on-site.

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Our automotive locksmith services include:

  • Duplication of lost ignition keys
  • Emergency car lockout/opening service
  • Extraction of broken ignition keys
  • Emergency car opening
  • Transponder chip key replacement

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